Lewis Accounting and Tax Service

What paperwork do I need to prepare my tax return?
Here’s a list of the most common items to bring for me to prepare your tax return

W-2 forms (Wage Income)
1099-DIV (Dividends)
1099-INT (Interest)
1099-G (Unemployment)
1099-R (Pension Plan, Retirement)
1099-SSA (Social Security)
1099-MISC (Miscellaneous Income)
any other 1099 forms.

Full Name, Social Security Numbers, Birth dates

Real Estate Taxes

Mortgage Interest
2nd Mortgage/Home Equity Loan Interest
Charitable Contributions
Employee Expenses which have not been reimbursed
(uniform cleaning, work tools, union dues, safety gear, etc.)
Vehicle Usage
miles driven for work purposes
Business travel expenses
Employment/Job seeking fees
Home Office Expenses

Investment Expenses
(broker fees, safety deposit box fees)
Education Expenses
Student Loan Interest Paid
Tax Return Preparation fees

Medical Expenses including:

Doctor visits, Co pays, Prescription Drugs, Operations, Insurance Premiums, Labs, X-Rays, Dental visits, Dentures, Braces, Glasses & Contact Lenses, Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid Batteries, Orthopedic Shoes, Therapy Treatments, Canes/Crutches/Braces, Wheelchairs, Visiting Nurses/In-Home Care, Hospital/Emergency Services, Blood work.

Casualty Losses
(fire, accident, theft, natural disasters)
Settlement Sheet
(if purchased a home this year)
to compute deductible closing costs

(need provider's Name, Address, EIN or SSN, and amount paid)
Self Employed Business Expenses
(advertising, legal or professional services, vehicle expenses - mileage or actual expenses, office expenses, rent or lease payments, utilities, telephone, repairs/maintenance, supplies, taxes/licenses, continuing education, travel/meals, and others that might pertain to your business)

Proof of healthcare for entire family

Copy of prior year tax return

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