Fees are based on time charges.
We charge clients for our services based on the actual “billable time” spent on their jobs. Billable time includes all preparation work, consultations, research, phone calls, e-mails and a review of the tax preparer’s work. Consulting time includes time with the client directly as well as between our professionals within the firm.
Our standard hourly billing rates are nationally competitive.

Why we don’t use fixed fees.
Every accounting client or taxpayer is different and one price doesn't fit all when it comes to tax planning and preparation. Some firms use fixed fees based on forms or schedules filled out.
If we used a fixed fee, some clients would pay more than they should and others would pay less. That's not fair to many clients or us. That's why almost all credible CPA and attorney professionals charge for their services based on time spent. It's against CPA ethical standards to charge for our services based on tax savings.
So time-based fees are the most fair and honest and in the best interests of our clients and our firm.

Simple and organized: If you are very organized with your tax records, have a standard 1040 form we estimate your fees to be between $225 to $300

Complex and organized: If you are organized with your tax records, have more complex tax matters which require various forms and schedules and you have lots of questions the fees will be $300 and up.

Complex and unorganized: If you are not well organized with your tax records, have a more complex tax return, and/ or need our firm to do  accounting  you can expect our fees to be $500 and up.

Engagement letter.
Our engagement letter spells out the scope of our engagement, the exact work to be done, our retainer (if any), refund and pricing terms and conditions. You will need to sign this engagement letter before we proceed further with your work.

Upon the completion of your tax return, we present you with a summary (tax refunds and/or tax payments due) together with our invoice for fees and expenses.

Business hours are by appointment.
Please call 734-649-7749 or to schedule.